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Hetalia stuff for sale!
Hello! So I'm going to college pretty soon, and thought I would try to get rid of some of my old Hetalia stuff before I left. Prices are extremely negotiable, though! I seriously need it gone before I leave.

I prefer Paypal but am okay with pretty much anything; my (very empty) feedback page is

First up is Hakuku's brilliant USUK doujin ROCKETS: SOLD
I think I paid $40 for it and it's currently no longer being sold, asking $25 includes shipping.

I also have this cute notebook I picked up from a vendor at a con a few years ago, but apart from the first page being torn out it's like new:
asking $6 for it, includes shipping.

I've also got these 16x23 inch posters:
They used to be apart of the 2010 calendar but I decided to use them as posters. Some of the tops are a little ripped, but other than that they're in pretty good condition. Asking $3 each, or $15 for all 7, plus $4 for shipping in a tube (because tube!) or $2 folded up in a rectangle and shipped in an envelope.

There are also these 2 Canada plush I made a few years ago!
I'll sell the big one in the red sweater for $15, and the little one with the bear for $7, includes shipping.

Used Allied Powers wallet: SOLD
I've been using this wallet for the past 2 years, its a little dingy and has obviously fraying edges but the wallet itself is in good working condition and is surprisingly durable.
Obvious frayed edges:

I think I paid $20 for this, but I'll sell it for $6, includes shipping.


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